The Royal Internship Begins


Webbing Clothes Moth

Webbing Clothes Moth

Here begins my first blog post as a Royal Pest intern. First to introduce myself, my name is Amanda and I'm a recent graduate from the University of Delaware with a bachelors degree in Entomology. For the next several months I will be working alongside the professionals at Royal Pest Solutions with a focus on how their staff entomologists, Jess and John, work together with the technicians and operational staff to provide the best pest management for their clients.

On my first week on the job, I had the pleasure of meeting many members of the team and was able to witness behind-the-scenes meetings and work one-on-one with clients in our care. And our first pest? Webbing Clothes Moths! Or, scientifically recognized as Tineola bisselliella. The caterpillars of these little guys can do serious damage inside homes, feeding off of natural fibers such as wool. Jess and I worked to pinpoint the problem and help to reassure this less than happy homeowner, that Royal could help to eliminate this problem with the cooperation of their family.

My first week showed me how important it will be for me to familiarize myself with all sides of pest control. Having expertise as an entomologist is better utilized when there is a full understanding of the operations and sales sides to the business. Caring for clients is essential and, because they are sometimes stressed by a bombardment of critters, it is important to know how best to reduce their concerns and eliminate any standing issues.

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