Exterior Winter Inspections


During the cold winter months, many clients are asking their pest management technicians why an exterior inspection is necessary. Although it is true that many insects and pests lay dormant during these colder months, preventative pest management requires continuous maintenance.

Residential pests have a natural instinct to find food, water and shelter. Any of these requirements can exist within a home or structure making it an attractive environment for pests like ants and mice. When the weather is warmer and homeowners are concerned with pests, they are more conscious of household sanitation issues that could lead to pest invasions. Even in the winter it is essential to seal trash tightly outside and keep it at a distance from the perimeter of the home and to eliminate standing water nearby. Additionally, birdseed in or around the home attracts unwanted pests. Homeowners should be reminded to keep birdseed out of the garage or basement or in a tightly sealed container where it cannot be contaminated by pests.

Unfortunately the freezing temperatures that the winter brings are not the pest elimination tool that many homeowners believe them to be. Winter pest management is as much the responsibility of the homeowner as it is the technician servicing the home. A conscientious homeowner can make all the difference in winter pest prevention, leading to improved pest management in the spring.

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