A Lesson in Rodent Habit

Week two was a short week that afforded Jess and I an opportunity to cast our focus on the organizational side of things and gave me a chance to ask a lot of questions. Because a week like this did not give me the opportunity to see a pest problem, it was important for me to ask about some common ones we might see down the road, in order to better prepare myself.

This time of year, many of our clients are dealing with mice and other rodent visitors. With cooling temperatures, they are often looking for food and shelter, bringing the animals indoors and closer to residential and commercial areas. Jess talked to me about the cleverness of these animals and their ability to quickly establish familiarity with their surroundings by frequently backtracking through their route of entry to establish muscle memory. This habit of making short trips, turning back to their starting base and then re-tracing their steps with slight extensions until they reach their goal, reassures them that the area is safe and allows them to navigate the route quickly on trips that follow.

There is so much literature out there to help expand one's knowledge and understanding of common (and not-so-common pest species). Fortunately I'll have the chance to borrow a lot of the great books that have been published on the matter to help supplement what I observe in the field.

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