Bats: Best Natural Pest Control

Bats Eating a BugI don't k now about you but bats make my shell crawl (actually all i can do is crawl) but bats especially since I live in a room with a TV and see all these vampire movies on how bats swoop down and bite your neck when it's out of its shell and suck your blood but really there is only one species of bats that eat blood because most bats eat insects in fact bats are nature's best insect pest control, able to consume huge quantities of moths, mosquitoes and other pests and many organic farmers are using bats as pest control for crops instead of using pesticides by setting up bat houses in their crop fields and then the bats live near the crops and eat moth larvae in fact some of the most costly pests for corn farmers and are also a favorite meal of the Mexican free-tail bat and by using these bats for crop insect control they are eliminating the use of tons of pesticides in the corn fields of the u.s., and their droppings (guano) makes excellent fertilizer but it really makes a mess if it gets on your shell....


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