Royal Pest on 6 Action News!

Channel 6 ACTION NEWS, Philadelphia, called us yesterday morning to ask if they could shoot video of us doing a STINK BUG treatment for a segment they were doing. That sent us into action. Deborah found two jobs scheduled for that day near the station, Eddie our Pest Professional doing the service, contacted the clients and one of them agreed, he changed his schedule to meet ACTION NEWS schedule. Ertell changed into a new Royal Pest shirt and met me at a McDonalds and within four hours all of us met at the house and got ACTION NEWS their story ... and Royal Pest Management a mention on the segment, video of Eddie spraying and Ertell walking the reporter around the house explaining what was happening and what Royal was doing, and our name (and his) on screen. Nice job!

Check it out!


Bed Bugs go to college … sometimes on Backpacks!

BedBugs in a Backpack

BedBugs in a Backpack

Bed bugs are back…all across the US. And not just in dirty, city areas… Bed bugs are showing up in fancy hotels, apartment buildings, medical facilities and, college dorms and residence halls. I’m saying within two years almost every college housing facility will have had a bed bug reporting. There are a number of reasons housing at colleges is an ideal place for bed bugs: students come in and out of each others' rooms, they travel a lot, bring in old furniture and clothes, plus, there are many foreign exchange students on campus.

Here are a few simple suggestions to prevent Bed Bugs from getting into your dorm room;
1. do not bring any used or trash-picked items into your room… especially couches and chairs!
2. if you were somewhere that you think could have bed bugs, inspect everything you brought with you (suitcase, shoes, backpack, laundry bag.) LOOK CAREFULLY… especially in folds, the seams and zippers of bags, your pillow or stuffed teddy bear!
3. Clean up clutter in your room and closet. It provides a great hiding and breeding place for bedbugs
4. Wash your clothes and sheets often and dry them in a HOT dryer.

If you think you have bed bugs immediately contact the student housing office. Student housing departments take this problem very seriously and have a pest control contractor to deal with these issues.


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