Ear wax can protect you from pests

ear wax blockage

Ear Wax Blockage

When I was in grade school, we had gym with our cool, jock guy gym teacher for three weeks and then he turned into our cool, jock guy HEALTH teacher for a week. One of his lessons I’ll never forget was on EAR WAX! He told us that while we are sleeping, bugs can crawl into our ear canals and get stuck. This causes pain and hearing problems. The lesson was that gooey, sticky ear wax, traps anything foreign that flies, crawls, or is blown into the ear canals. Dirt, tiny bits of plant material, small insects, bacteria, and so forth are immobilized by wax. It’s like having a NO PEST STRIP in your ear! The primary purpose of ear wax is to protect your ear canal and ear drum from such foreign materials ...including roaches.

So I did a little research on answerbag.com and found out roaches really do crawl into ears. Happens all the time. What else? Fly larvae, spiders, and earwigs with those scary pincers. Can they get to your brain? Not really … thanks to good ol’ gooky ear wax!


Flying Insects Invade Dreams

Flying Insects

Q: In my dreams, my bugs are usually creepy green things with red eyes and sometimes fly. Elvis, you have anything like that?

A: Flying Insects in dreams are fairly common and I have had dreams with SOME of those things you describe but not all in one. Bugs in dreams, no matter what color or how creepy, suggest that you are worried about something. Because you dream of a bug that is GREEN, that signifies something that is positive…good health, growth, vigor, peace and serenity. Sometimes, GREEN in a dream tells you to move forward (like a traffic light saying it’s OK to GO.) Red eyes draw attention and are an open window to a soul of raw energy, intense passion and power. And flying represents being able to do things beyond your physical limitations...in your mind you can do anything and be anybody...and nobody can tell you what you cannot do and accomplish. It usually leaves you with a great sense of freedom. Now, to try and put this together for you I would say this: You are probably pondering a very important decision and are worried about it...your dreams are telling you it is a positive step...something new and to move forward, with passion and courage. It is something that you feel you will accomplish to bring you a greater sense of independence.


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