Bees And Wasps Do Much Good But Need Control



I just want to make sure that all you folk who want to know how to get rid of bees understand how important they are to our world AND OUR ECONOMY!!! According to The New Agriculturist online magazine: “To United States agriculture alone, the annual value of honey bee pollination can be counted in billions of dollars. Bees pollinate about one-sixth of the world's flowering plant species and some 400 of its agricultural plants. Poorly pollinated plants produce fewer, often misshapen, fruits and lower yields of seed with inevitable consequences upon quality, availability and price of food. One of the few farm activities that can actually increase yields, rather than simply protect existing yields from losses, is to manage bees to encourage good pollination.”

If you are allergic to bees and wasp stings, be careful and don’t stir them up. We understand your fear and to some people with severe reactions a bee sting can be dangerous. At Royal Pest Solutions, we have a bee and wasp control system that attracts bees away from the areas where people are getting together. They are free-flying insects and there is no way to eliminate them outside, but with a well-designed bees and wasp control system, we can keep them a safe distance away from you. Go to royalpest.com and click the NEED YA' NOW button and let us know if you are having problems with bees or wasps.


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