Middletown BBQ State Championship

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This past Friday and Saturday in Middletown, De, the Delaware State BBQ Championship took place. Royal was one of the sponsors. Our butterfly Fran went around the event and put TATTOOS on kids of all ages. Many of them requesting ankle tattoos. She also flitted around to all the BBQ COMPETITORS handing out flyswatters and asking if they wanted tattoos...however most of the guys who were taking part in the cook off had arms full of tattoos and they declined. The did all take the flyswatters and then every time we asked to take their picture in front of their banners with Fran...they all wanted to swat her. LOTS of people came up to our booth and asked HOW TO GET RID OF TERMITES. That seems to be the pest this year. Lots of questions about STINK BUGS, too. Then we listened to THEIR stories of how they are all country folk living on farms and how they get rid of pests. It was an odd day but a lot of fun... especially putting tattoos on the kids... they loved them!

You can see the pictures at:


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