Royal Pest Interview on WILM 1450 AM Radio on Stink Bugs


Today Royal Pest Management Entomologist John Moore was interviewed about STINK BUGS on The John Watson Show on a local Wilmington Delaware radio station WILM 1450AM. John Moore was brilliant as he answered all of John Watson's questions about where stink bugs got their name, where they came from and how to get rid of stink bugs. Most of the interview was serious stuff...after all... there are STINK BUGS EVERYWHERE... but there was one very funny moment during the show: John Watson asked if a house could just be "fogged" all over to get rid of STINK BUGS John Moore said that they hide in walls and cracks and chimneys and the fogging wouldn't reach them plus since Royal is a planet friendly pest control company, we don't like to use chemicals that won't accomplish their intended goal... and then our Mr. Pest Control Entomologist said, "I have had stink bugs in my house all summer."

He failed to mention he has them in his house (and his wife puts up with it) because John Moore studies the patterns and habits of STINK BUGS and has devised methods to lead them away from homes and trap them without using chemicals. It sort of left us all speechless saying a pest control guy had them in his house and then saying people should call us to get rid of stink bugs. Just for the record... they are hard to totally get them out of your home but at Royal we do know ways to exclude them from your home. In the late summer call us and we'll show you how to get rid of stinkbugs for NEXT YEAR. Great Job to BOTH John Moore and John Watson. [FYI: The girl in the picture above is Heather Ficarra, who interns in the Royal Marketing Department. If anyone is looking to hire a GREAT YOUNG Marketing person, contact us here and we'll pass it along.... we wish we had the budget to keep her :( ]


Dreaming about... Ants

Ant on flower

I heard a news story this morning about an actress on a talk show who revealed that she had, "DREAMS ABOUT INSECTS." I had never given this any thought so I looked it up on the web and found all kids of interpretations of dreaming and sites dedicated just to insects. On dreammoods.com they had something about every bug and this to say about ANTS:

"To see ants in your dream, signify your general dissatisfaction in your daily life. You are feeling neglected and insignificant. Petty things will annoy you throughout the following day. You need to be more cooperative as this will be the only way to achieve your desires. The dream may also be a metaphor on feeling antsy or restless.

"Ants also symbolize hard work, diligence and industry. Increase business activities are expected. On a less positive note, ants symbolize social conformity and mass action. In this regard, you may feel that your life is too structured and orderly."

I'm going to look into this more and hope I don't have any dreams about insects.


How to get rid of...

Tiger Woods. There I said it. Tonight while I was watching the Masters Golf Tournament I was doing a little research on how to get rid of bed bugs. Tiger Woods had finished and was being interviewed and was asked how he felt he did considering the layoff... which is now secret language for all his marital problems... and he said, "I finished fourth...I entered this tournament to win...blubblubblub..." He makes me sick. Then, Phil Mickelson wins it... a guy who marries his college sweetheart, takes time off from golf when she gets breast cancer, is a real good human being...a real man. Isn't it ironic...don't you think? When he hugged his wife Amy and you could see the tear...LOVE HIGH DEF TV... it was a real moment of love conquers all. I was lucky enough to be watching the moment with my friends Tom and Amy who were childhood sweethearts, they invited me to dinner and made amazing steaks on the grill, baked potato and steamed vegetables...and were holding hands on the couch while the three of us watched Phil. Back to How to get rid of Tiger Woods... he's the best golfer ever. Even a great guy at times giving so much to our U.S. Veterans. But he'll never change his stripes. He should start wearing black on Sundays... move on in his marriage and be who he is... not do that phony commercial for NIKE (link below)...what a hypocrite... says "stay out of my personal life" then gets paid to do a tv commercial using his deceased father's voice. How to get rid of Tiger Woods? We can't... it's great money for all involved... even the good guys like Phil Mickelson and that guy who took second Lee Westwood. Hey Tiger...didya' hear Lee's interview...when asked how he feels about not winning he said, "I just have to keep doing what I am doing...I took four second places...I'll get there." Not "I TOOK SECOND." We'll never know how to get rid of Tiger... he'll just have to continue to self-destruct. I hope he figures it out...I honestly don't root against anyone. Congratulations Phil!


When Butterflies Attack

They showed this video on the news the other night which of course caught my attention: When Butterflies Attack. It's totally fake but pretty funny. If you haven't seen it, enjoy.


April Fool Ants!!!


My son Matt and I LOVE APRIL FOOL'S DAY and go a little overboard. He's home from College on Spring Break right now. This morning when I got up to walk our dog Tugger, I stepped on a stuffed fake dead body he had laid in front of the door. Last night, I emptied out most of the Rice Krispies from the box (he has them every morning) and mixed in two boxes of little plastic black ants. He just called and said it got him good... he poured them in his cereal bowl and jumped back and thought they were spiders and then started picking out the fake ants. Then decided that there were so many of them he just had toast instead.

Did you see what google did? They changed their name to Topeka for the day.

Happy April Fool's Day! Go Punk someone.


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